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The ultimate goal of AbCd Montana is to establish a Dental Home for young at-risk children. As defined by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a Dental Home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way. The Dental Home should be established no later than 12 months of age and includes referral to dental specialists when appropriate.

In support this major program goal, dentists who wish to participate in AbCd Montana are required to complete program certification training and, if they are not a pediatric dentist specialist already, develop a referral relationship with a pediatric dentist. Below is an outline of the AbCd Montana certification process:

Step One: Complete the Didactic Training
Baby Oral Health Program (BOHp): The BOHp is a core portion of the AbCd Montana didactic training. Go to the website and create an account. Complete all sections (i.e. training for the dental team, caregiver presentation, charting, developmental considerations, resources, etc). Be sure to watch all of the video’s (i.e. Implementing into Clinical Practice). Look carefully at Scheduling and Staff Involvement and Office Space. Complete and print out the Continuing Education Quiz. You will need it to verify you have completed the BOHp modules.

Tooth Talk Motivational Interview: Watch the Tooth Talks video on Motivational Interviewing with caregivers of young children.

AbCd Montana Billing and Medicaid Compliance: Watch the video on AbCd Montana Billing and Medicaid Compliance. This video describes the reimbursement structure of AbCd Montana, and Medicaid resources and best practices for dentists. The AbCd Montana program requires that all children two years of age and younger have a caries risk assessment completed at least every 12 months. Providers must use the program approved AbCd MT Caries Risk Assessment Tool and retain this tool in the patient’s chart. Providers may fill out a paper copy of the AbCd MT Caries Risk Assessment Tool and then scan it into the patient’s chart. Alternatively, they can make an electronic template for electronic health record use or they print and scan the caries risk assessment tool results from the caries risk module of the BOHp.

Step Two: Complete the Clinical Training
Demonstrate Program Competency with a Pediatric Dentist: Contact a pediatric dentist in your region and schedule an appointment with them to demonstrate competency in the AbCd Montana program. Included in this visit with the pediatric dentist is demonstration of the clinical components including the knee-to-knee exam, anticipatory guidance, fluoride varnish application, and behavior guidance. Dentists completing this portion of the training will need to arrange for a child under two years of age to service as the “demonstration baby”. Sometimes dentist use their own children or children of their staff. Other times dentists work with the pediatric dentist to assist in recruiting a young child from the specialist practice.

Step Three: Submit Certification Completion Materials
Submit Certification Completion Materials: After you have complete the above e-mail the below to

  • Completed BOHp Continuing Education Quiz
  • The name of the pediatric dentist who assessed program competency and the date the assessment was completed

After these steps have been completed a notice will be sent to the Montana Office of Medicaid informing the Department that the dentist is now certified in the program and eligible to receive the associated Enhanced Reimbursement for participation in the program.


  • Staff Training: Dentists should consider including their dental team in the training process. All dental team members are vital for accurate dental coding and ensuring Medicaid compliance; while dental assistants are often key in many of the clinical care components and office administrators are essential for efficient scheduling.
  • Pediatric Dentists: Pediatric dentists only need to complete the AbCd Montana Billing and Medicaid Compliance portion of the certification program. After viewing the video, the pediatric dentist should send notice of viewing the video to and a request to be activated in the Medicaid system as an AbCd Montana provider.
  • Completing AbCd Montana Training BEFORE Medicaid Provider Enrollment: Occasionally dentists complete the AbCd Montana certification training BEFORE they have been fully enrolled as a Medicaid provider. If this happens, it is very important that the dentist contact the Medicaid Dental and Transportation Program Officer (contact below) and re-inform the Program Officer that the certification process has been completed and request to be activated as an AbCd Montana provider in the Medicaid system. This needs to be done because there is no tracking system for providers completing the certification early. Providers who do not do this will not receive the Enhanced Reimbursement until they have been activated as an AbCd Montana provider in the Medicaid system.

Dental Program Officer
Acute Services Bureau

Dentist AbCd Montana Liaison
Dr. Jane Gillette

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